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project 1

Southwick Village Hall

The Village Hall Committee asked us to carry out an inspection of the electrical installation of the Village Hall last year, as they needed a current electrical certificate for their records. We found the electrical installation to be very dated and in need of some major remedial works to bring it up to current standards.

We worked out a plan of getting these works done in stages, but so many groups use the hall nearly every day, it was almost impossible to do the works without disturbing the user groups.

Then, the Covid 19 lockdown came along this year and the Village Hall Committee said that we could get on with the works, as all bookings were cancelled, and the hall was empty.

We locked ourselves inside, started the works and were there for the whole of April.

Mains Room: The mains distribution equipment was totally obsolete and dated from the 1980’s, we replaced and relocated the main distribution boards inside this room.

We ran new 63 Amp, 3 phase sub mains cables from the mains room to the kitchen, annex and stage areas, all cables either concealed above the ceilings or run inside white PVC cable trunking.

We installed main equipotential bonding conductors to the water and gas mains.

We installed surge protection at the origin of supply.

Annex: We replaced the distribution board to this area and provided RCD protection to all circuits.

Kitchen: We replaced the distribution board to this area and provided RCD protection to all circuits.

Stage: The mains distribution system was totally obsolete and dated from the 1970’s. So we replaced the distribution board to this area and provided RCD protection to all circuits.

We rewired all the stage lighting and power controls.

We installed surge protection to protect the electronic equipment installed here.

General: We replaced all the failed emergency lighting fittings throughout including several broken light fittings and wiring accessories.

We tested and inspected the electrical installation upon completion of the above works and issued an electrical certificate valid for 5 years. The Village Hall now has a satisfactory recommendation on the certificate.

project 2

Hydraulic Swaging Machine Panel

We carried out electrical works and maintenance at a tube swaging factory. We designed and built this control panel on wheels to control a variety of hydraulic machines.  Each machine connects to the panel via a coded plug and socket, the panel then knows which machine it must operate. We have a Mitsubishi E200 HMI panel for operator and process information and a Mitsubishi FX1N PLC inside. Depending on which coded plug is inserted, makes the PLC execute only the code associated with that plug. This panel has worked well without any alternations for the past 15 years.

control panel buttons, Linn electrical Contractors Ltd, Trowbridge, Wiltshire

project 3

Hydraulic Power Press Panel

We carried out the electrical and maintenance works at a car parts factory. One of the oldest presses stopped working and white smoke was billowing out of the back of the 1950’s rotor resistance starter – the starter was a complete mess.  We had the task of rebuilding the starter to control the 100hp slip ring motor. We used a new soft starter unit from Fairford Electronics combined with the new contactors from Schneider Electric and a new resistance bank from Cressal. We built all the new kit inside the existing 1950’s panel enclosure and the build was a complete success.  We would recommend Fairford Electronics for their great support throughout the works.

"Fairford electronics" Fairford Electronics logo, Linn electrical Contractors Ltd, Trowbridge, Wiltshire

project 4

Joinery Factory Installation

We carried out the electrical installation to a new building extension to a joinery factory.  The works included a 100A TPN sub main in SWA cable to a new Merlin Gerin Distribution Board, feeding steel trunking around the building with drops to machinery isolators and power points in black round PVC conduit, RCD protection of all 13A sockets, all lighting wired in conduit and caddy clipped to the sheeting rails with plug in ceiling roses feeding each fluorescent fitting.

Workshop, planks of wood, industrial machines, Linn electrical Contractors Ltd, Trowbridge, Wiltshire

project 5

Hydraulic Feeder

We designed and installed the electrical control system for a hydraulic feeder to be installed on a rotary pipe forming machine.  The pipe was fed in by hand, the new feeder will automate the process so the operator will only have to load and unload the tube into the feeder.  The process flow is to load the component by hand into the hydraulic vice, the operator starts the cycle using a two handed start, the feeder advances in rapid, feeds into the Swager in slow, dwells, retracts in rapid, back to home and releases the vice for the operator to remove the component.  A hydraulic power pack controls the feeder with a hydraulic pump motor, a lubrication pump motor and directional solenoid valves.  The motor is a three phase 400VAC and the solenoid valves are 24VDC.  The solenoid functions are advance, retract, clamp, unclamp, slow approach and dump.  The control circuit is based around a Mitsubishi FX1N PLC, 24 digital inputs and 16 relay outputs. The feeder has now been in use for 3 years with no problems or issues whatsoever!

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